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Panasonic HC-WXF1

The Panasonic HC-WXF1 is a big brother to the HC-VX1 -- the two camcorders sport most of the same specifications. So what’s the difference? The WXF1 uses a secondary camera for picture-in-picture recording, allowing you to capture both what&...

Grade: A- Price: $898.00

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Canon VIXIA HF G21

The Canon Vixia HF G21 is a pro-level camcorder on a budget -- features like 4K are missing, but options like image stabilization, manual exposure and manual focus are all included in this $825 camcorder.The HF G21 uses a 1/2.84 inch sensor, which...

Grade: B+ Price: $799.00

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Sony RX0

The Sony RX0 is a boxy camera that doesn't fit neatly into any of the existing categories. While the design is more reminiscent of an action camera, the Sony RX0 is designed as a multi-use camera for using several in a row to create Matrix-lik...

Grade: A- Price: $548.00

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Canon XA15

Pro users that can't afford to go 4K may want to take a look at the new Canon XA15, sporting a mix of pro body and ports but keeping a high definition resolution to avoid pushing the price point.The XA15 uses a 1/2.84 inch CMOS sensor, which i...

Grade: A- Price: $1,900.00

Thumb xa11 side 675x450

Canon XA11

The Canon XA11 and XA15 are two of a kind -- the only difference is that the XA11 has fewer ports, missing out on the AV jack. Read our thoughts on the Canon XA15, take away a port, lower the price and you have the Canon XA11. The fewer ports drop...

Grade: A- Price: $1,400.00

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Canon XC15

The Canon XC15 may look more like a DSLR, but it’s actually a fixed-lens camcorder designed for pros that need to mix quality with portability. The Canon XC15 shoots 4K video at 25 fps on a one inch sensor. According to Canon, the DIGIC DV 5...

Grade: A- Price: $3,000.00

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Canon XA30

Canon's professional XA camcorder line is popular for its blend of performance with portability. The new Canon XA30 retains those two key features, while adding a few updates to push the video quality even further.The biggest change comes to t...

Grade: A- Price: $2,099.00

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Canon XA35

Continuing a tradition of quality professional video in a smaller package, Canon has released the XA35, an update to the XA line. The Canon XA35 gets a redesigned sensor than its predecessor, which allows for better footage in low light. While the...

Grade: A- Price: $1,949.00

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Panasonic WX970

4K is gradually becoming more and more accessible to the average consumer. Where 4K meant about $4K just two years ago, the Panasonic WX970 is one of two $1K 4K camcorders introduced in January 2014, alongside the Sony AX33.The Panasonic WX970 rep...

Grade: A- Price: $900.00

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Panasonic VX870

Panasonic introduced two 4K camcorders at the beginning of 2015--the WX970 and the VX870. The difference between the two is simple: the WX970 has a built-in secondary camera while the VW870 does not. Opting to forgo the extra camera will save cons...

Grade: A Price: $889.00

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Sony AX33

Sony has long been at the forefront of 4K camcorder technology--in 2015, they're continuing to expand the technology while simultaneously lowering the price, making 4K a bit more accessible to the average consumer. The Sony AX33 offers 4K for ...

Grade: A- Price: $848.00

Thumb 41mawqttc2l

Sony FDR-AX100

When Sony released their first 4K Handycam last year, we were pretty impressed with the video quality, but the AX1 is huge and it doesn't just have a 4K resolution, it has a 4K price tag too. Now, the power of 4K resolution comes in a much sma...

Grade: A- Price: $1,500.00

Thumb 41lwocctutl

Sony CX900

Sony's popular 1" sensor has arrived in their camcorders--and it's a big deal. Camcorders typically have smaller sensors than still cameras; the sensor on the CX900 is about eight times the average size. Larger sensors mean better res...

Grade: A Price: $1,298.00

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Sony PJ810

We're fans of Sony's PJ line not just because of the built-in projectors but for the solid video quality too. The PJ810 is the manufacturer's latest and greatest in the line with manual modes, a 20 megapixel 1/3.95" sensor and 60 ...

Grade: A- Price: $899.00

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Canon VIXIA HF G30

Canon's prosumer grade flagship, the VIXIA HF G30, brings professional quality footage to the average consumer. A manual focus ring, new 2.91 megapixel HD CMOS pro image sensor and new DIGIC DV 4 Image High Speed Processor, two memory card slo...

Grade: B+ Price: $1,550.00

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Canon XA20

Canon's XA20 is an excellent prosumer camcorder with an upgraded 20x zoom lens and eight-blade circular aperture. With manual modes, a five axis image stabilization system, a new automatic correction circuit and options for various microphone ...

Grade: B+ Price: $1,800.00

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JVCs' PX100 is the odd man out with an unusual yet comfortable design that resembles a DSLR camera. The PX100 is capable of frame rates up to 600 frames per second (at a reduced resolution) and 60 fps at full resolution. Most users will want t...

Grade: C+ Price: $1,972.00

Thumb 51 wosm99 l

Panasonic AG-AF105A

With a large Micro 4/3" image sensor and interchangeable lenses, the Panasonic AG-AF105A offers a wider range of artistic possibilities than smaller camcorders, including better depth of field and wider angles. The AG-AF105A records in 1920x1...

Grade: A- Price: $2,443.00

Thumb 41nc7yye9fl

Panasonic HC-X920

Panasonic's popular X900 camcorder received a big upgrade in the X920, going from three 1/4.1” sensors to three larger 1/2.3” sensors. The value is all in the X920's three backside-illuminated sensors, optical image stabilizati...

Grade: A- Price: $1,187.00

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Sony PJ790V

The PJ790 is near the top of Sony's popular PJ line in both budget and features. Video quality should be suburb at 1080 24p/60p, and still shots should also stand out at 24.1 megapixels. Sony's back-illuminated sensors handle low light wel...

Grade: A- Price: $1,272.00

Thumb 414x04cuanl

Sony NEXVG900

Full frame, 24.3 megapixels, HD CMOS sensor, interchangeable lenses--there's a lot to look for in the Sony NEX-VG900. This entry-level professional camcorder also has a high resolution electronic viewfinder, Quad Capsule microphone and manual ...

Grade: A- Price: $3,298.00

Thumb original

Sony HXR-NX30

Sony's newest addition to their NX line is high tech but handheld. Dubbed the "Palm Size" camera, it shoots full HD 1080p at 60 fps and also captures stills. Sony has taken the built in projectors of the PJ line and added it to this ...

Grade: A Price: $2,299.00

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Sony HDR-TD20V

Capture your precious moments in an immersive 3D experience with the compact HDR-TD20V Handycam Camcorder. Dual full HD sensors produce true 3D videos with 1920x1080 60p/24presolution and 24.1MP still images. View 3D video directly on the3.5"...

Grade: B- Price: $1,000.00

Thumb 41mw5rmf6yl

Sony HDR-PJ710V

Take the shake out of 1920x1080 60p/24p Full HD video with Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization in the HDRPJ710V Handycam camcorder. Enjoy ultra-stable video from its 10X Optical/17X extended digital zoom lens, and boost creativity usin...

Grade: A- Price: $1,764.00

Thumb 417uiogcuzl

Sony AX53

Last year, Sony introduced a 4K camera for under $1,000. In 2016, the price point is staying put, but the sensor and lens sees big improvements for the manufacturers 4K prosumer model.The Sony AX53 uses a 1/2.5" backlit sensor. That's sli...

Grade: A Price: $798.00

Thumb 41jk9rmvhql

Panasonic HC-VX981

The Panasonic VX870 was well received for its video quality--along the lines of don't-fix-what's-not-broken, Panasonic introduced very small adjustments with the 2016 VX981.Like the previous version, the VX981 can shoot in 4K at 15 fps. Wh...

Grade: A- Price: $598.00

Thumb 41dmzehdd6l

Panasonic HC-WXF991

When Panasonic offered their first set of 4K prosumer camcorders last year, the chief difference between the two was a second camera for picture in picture recording. The $899 and $999 models scoot a bit further apart in 2016--along with offering ...

Grade: A Price: $798.00

Thumb 41vlk3hzbvl

Canon VIXIA HF G40

The Canon VIXIA HF G40 is the go-between camcorder that mixes portability with pro-level features. Compact like the other options in the VIXIA line, the G40 includes advanced features like manual controls and a front focus ring.Recording 1080p vid...

Grade: A- Price: $1,099.00

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Canon XC10

Canon's basic consumer camcorder updates have been disappointing so far this year, but the camera giant seems to be focusing instead on creating multimedia products, gear that can perform well for both stills and video. While the Canon XC10 is...

Grade: A- Price: $2,434.00