Sony RX0 Brief Review



  • Body Style : Compact action camera
  • Weather Sealing : Waterproof to 10 feet (Additional protection with underwater casing available separately)
  • Image Stabilization : None
  • Memory : MicroSD and Memory Stick Micro
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Battery : Li-ion battery rated at 60 minutes of video (240 stills)
  • Weight : 3.9 ounces (110g)
  • Autofocus : 25 point contrast detection autofocus, single-shot autofocus, preset focus and manual focus modes
  • Still Photos : 15 megapixel images at up to 16 fps (5.5 with continuous autofocus)
  • Ports : Micro USB, USB 2.0, Micro HDMI, microphone jack
  • Sensor : 15.3 megapixel 1-inch stacked sensor
  • Aperture : f/4
  • Zoom : None
  • Resolution and Frame Rate : 1080p HD 60 fps video, Slow motion video up to 960/1000 fps, 4K available with external recording kit only
  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Final Grade: 90 4.5 Star Rating: Recommended

The Sony RX0 creates a new camera category
With a large sensor but a small, action-camera-like design, the Sony RX0 is an unusual but probably useful camera.
By Admin, Last updated on: 11/4/2017

The Sony RX0 is a boxy camera that doesn't fit neatly into any of the existing categories. While the design is more reminiscent of an action camera, the Sony RX0 is designed as a multi-use camera for using several in a row to create Matrix-like stop motion effects or expanding with housing and accessories.

The Sony RX0 houses a 1-inch stacked sensor -- that sensor is larger than most cameras of a similar size, which should translate into much better video quality. That's paired with a fixed f/4 lens. While the camera may look like in action camera, it still has a 25 point autofocus system, where action cameras tend to have a fixed focal system. Preset modes and manual focus should expand the RX0's possibilities.

The RX0 can shoot super slow motion up to 960/1000 fps, with 60 fps HD video as well. 4K is possible, but only with external recording equipment. 15 megapixel stills are possible from the RX0 too, with a 5.5 fps continuous focus burst or 16 fps with a fixed focus.

The contrast-detection autofocus system can also be used with preset focus modes, allowing the videographer to choose whether the camera should focus on close objects or those farther from the camera lens. Manual focus is also included, with focus peaking to help determine what's in focus.

The RX0 isn't really designed to use as a stand-alone camera -- or at least, if the RX0 is only used as a stand-alone camera, it's probably not reaching it's full potential. Up to five RX0s can be synced using the Sony PlayMemories app. Underwater housing allows for deeper dives. And a modular cage allows videographers to add accessories, such as lighting, to the system.

All those features are wrapped up in a body that's less than three inches wide, which means the camera can shoot in some pretty tight spaces. The camera is waterproof to ten feet and also shockproof.

The RX0 is a bit of an oddity, but for the right film crew, it could be a very versatile tool. The camera retails for about  $700.

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