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Panasonic HC-V800

The Pansonic HC-V800 doesn't jump on the 4K bandwagon -- but is designed for high-quality, versatile HD video.The HC-V800 sports a 1/2.5" sensor, which is larger than in most camcorders and records 1080p HD video. The slightly larger size...

Grade: B+ Price: $498.00

Thumb 91m5wtoks6l. sl1500

Panasonic HC-WXF1

The Panasonic HC-WXF1 is a big brother to the HC-VX1 -- the two camcorders sport most of the same specifications. So what’s the difference? The WXF1 uses a secondary camera for picture-in-picture recording, allowing you to capture both what&...

Grade: A- Price: $898.00

Thumb 81aipiicarl. sl1500

Panasonic HC-VX1

The Panasonic HC-VX1 boasts both big zoom and big resolution.Sporting a 1/2.5 inch sensor, the HC-VX1 records in 4K resolution. If you don't need those details, the camera can use the extra resolution to add effects while cropping down to stan...

Grade: A- Price: $698.00

Thumb 71anesw1ezl. sl1500

GoPro HERO (2018 model)

GoPro has long been a leader for action cameras -- the company's 2018 announcement isn't designed to lead the pack but to offer an affordable entry into the waterproof action cameras.Unlike the $499 GoPro HERO6, there's no 4K on GoPro&...

Grade: B+ Price: $249.00

Thumb 61khbzjda7l. sl1000

Canon VIXIA HF G21

The Canon Vixia HF G21 is a pro-level camcorder on a budget -- features like 4K are missing, but options like image stabilization, manual exposure and manual focus are all included in this $825 camcorder.The HF G21 uses a 1/2.84 inch sensor, which...

Grade: B+ Price: $949.00

Thumb 360 img b 1

Yi 360 VR Camera

As a relatively new technology, 360 cameras are still pretty pricey, but budget brand Yi Technologies has a new option that lists for around $400. The Yi 360 VR is a 5.7K resolution 360 camera that uses 12 megapixel Sony-made sensors.The final sti...

Grade: B Price: $159.00

Thumb 01 gopro fusion buy carousel1 desktop

GoPro Fusion

GoPro's long-awaited 360 camera is almost here -- the GoPro Fusion boasts a top resolution of 5.2K, image stabilization, and many new usability features.The Fusion captures 360 footage using two lenses and sensors and on-board software to stit...

Grade: A- Price: $699.00

Thumb 51sjt5ntoel. sl1000

Xaiomi Mi Sphere

Chinese tech company Xaiomi is jumping in on the 360 game. After first launching in international markets, the Xaiomi Mi Sphere is coming to the U.S. as an affordable, portable 360 camera.The Mi Sphere uses two 16 megapixel Sony-manufactured senso...

Grade: B- Price: $187.00

Thumb 81z sdrwhhl. sl1500

Sony RX0

The Sony RX0 is a boxy camera that doesn't fit neatly into any of the existing categories. While the design is more reminiscent of an action camera, the Sony RX0 is designed as a multi-use camera for using several in a row to create Matrix-lik...

Grade: A- Price: $898.00

Thumb 7172toxgixl. sl1500

GoPro HERO6 Black

The original action camera now has more competition than ever, but GoPro is staying in the game with the launch of the GoPro Hero6 Black, with enhancements across the board.The big change is the step up to 60 fps 4K, a much faster frame rate for k...

Grade: A Price: $278.00

Thumb 81fjp5imwhl. sl1500

Garmin Virb 360

Following up their successful action camera the Virb 30, the Garmin Virb 360 brings immersive content to the manufacturer's line-up. Garmin is known as a GPS company, and the Virb 360 has five different sensors that work together to embed data...

Grade: A- Price: $764.00

Thumb 41iq1ylcuil

Canon VIXIA HF R82

Canon is continuing the tradition of modest updates for the Vixia HF consumer camcorder line -- and that's okay, if you're looking for an affordable camcorder.Like earlier models, the Vixia R82 uses a 1/4.85 inch sensor coupled with a pret...

Grade: B- Price: $399.00

Thumb 41hk ceqkal

Canon VIXIA HF R800

The Canon Vixia RF800, in a nutshell, is a $300 camcorder that can do (at least) one thing your smartphone can't: zoom.The RF800 offers a 32x optical zoom lens, combined with digital zoom for a 57x hybrid zoom. That's paired with a 3.82 me...

Grade: B- Price: $213.00

Thumb 41f7ch1dqwl

Canon VIXIA HF R80

The Canon Vixia HF R80 is the middle child in the company's 2017 budget R8 line-up. With half the built-in memory of the big sibling R82, the camera offers the same imaging power for $50 less.Like the R82 and R800, the camera uses a 3.28 megap...

Grade: B- Price: $230.00

Thumb orbit360 side


The third 360 camera from Kodak takes a big step up with new dual lenses. While previous models used an ultra wide lens to capture a (not exactly) 360 perspective, the ORBIT360 uses dual lenses and dual sensors to shoot in 4K.The camera uses 20 me...

Grade: B- Price: $499.00

Thumb xa15 3q 675x450

Canon XA15

Pro users that can't afford to go 4K may want to take a look at the new Canon XA15, sporting a mix of pro body and ports but keeping a high definition resolution to avoid pushing the price point.The XA15 uses a 1/2.84 inch CMOS sensor, which i...

Grade: A- Price: $1,900.00

Thumb xa11 side 675x450

Canon XA11

The Canon XA11 and XA15 are two of a kind -- the only difference is that the XA11 has fewer ports, missing out on the AV jack. Read our thoughts on the Canon XA15, take away a port, lower the price and you have the Canon XA11. The fewer ports drop...

Grade: A- Price: $1,400.00

Thumb 51kmusyxdwl

Sony X3000R

Sony is bringing optical image stabilization to action cameras with the X3000R — and it’s a pretty big deal. Image stabilization is hard to come by in the tiny cameras, yet action cameras are the most prone to getting bounced around.Al...

Grade: A Price: $398.00

Thumb 41vliy8w9vl

Nikon KeyMission 80

The Nikon KeyMission 80 is an odd camera -- though that's not necessarily to say that it's a bad camera. Shaped more like an old voice recorder, the KeyMission 80 uses two cameras, a front and rear facing option much like a smartphone, of ...

Grade: B- Price: $277.00

Thumb 41iavuucfgl

Nikon KeyMission 170

Nikon's entry into the action camera market with the KeyMission 360 earlier this year took most by surprise -- but apparently they weren't done. In September, Nikon introduced two more action cameras, each named for the angle of view their...

Grade: B+ Price: $180.00

Thumb 41b1tbcq99l

GoPro HERO5 Session

The original GoPro HERO Session was designed for portability, skipping out on a few key features to become the action camera giant's budget option. And while the new GoPro HERO5 Session follows the same body style, it doesn't follow the sa...

Grade: A- Price: $320.00

Thumb 41tkn 7v8vl

GoPro Hero 5 Black

GoPro promised their best action camera yet -- and they certainly delivered with the GoPro Hero 5 and the addition of several new features.The GoPro Hero 5 Black ditches the typical GoPro housing, waterproof to 33 feet without it. While not the fi...

Grade: A Price: $255.00

Thumb 51519zkrhvl

Canon XC15

The Canon XC15 may look more like a DSLR, but it’s actually a fixed-lens camcorder designed for pros that need to mix quality with portability. The Canon XC15 shoots 4K video at 25 fps on a one inch sensor. According to Canon, the DIGIC DV 5...

Grade: A- Price: $3,000.00

Thumb 41wh6wuh5 l

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 wraps up everything you'd expect from a company that also manufacturers GPS units, and then some. The action camera includes several built in sensors, including a GPS, altimeter and speedometer, and embeds the details ...

Grade: A Price: $279.00

Thumb 51plphtryql

Olympus TG-Tracker

If Olympus' first action camcorder is anything like their tough cameras, the TG-Tracker should be an excellent performer. Taking the "TG" name of still cameras like the TG-4, the TG Tracker is named for the load of equipment it carri...

Grade: A- Price: $349.00

Thumb 3186i8jtm7l

360Fly 4k

The 360Fly 4K is a sphere-shaped 360 degree action camera, and while the tiny camera isn't designed for production-worthy video, it looks like a neat little action camera for capturing adventures with virtual reality.Don't let the name foo...

Grade: B- Price: $100.00

Samsung Gear 360

While 360 cameras are relatively new, at least from a consumer standpoint, the Samsung Gear 360 is a very highly anticipated VR camera. Unlike other options under $500, the Gear 360 uses a pair of lenses instead of a single lens for better quality...

Grade: A- Price: $380.00

Thumb 31bqft3lqql

LG 360 Cam

New tech trends tend to be pretty pricey, but the LG 360 Cam is sitting pretty at just $200. Capturing a 360 view, the LG 360 Cam isn't the best 360 camera on the market, but it is the most affordable and has a set of specs good enough for man...

Grade: B- Price: $90.00

Thumb 51ml3raaj3l

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K

The Kodak PIXPRO SP360 mixes two of the most up-and-coming features in video cameras, 360 and 4K -- or does it? While consumers should take a closer look at what the tech sheet really says, the SP360 is still a fun, affordable way to record consum...

Grade: B- Price: $219.00

Thumb 41c1 2b3wsfpl

Panasonic HC-W580

For about $70 more than the V380, the Panasonic W580 offers a twin camera, HDR recording and higher frame rate, though skimps a bit on the zoom with 50x instead of 62x.Recording 1080p HD video at 60 fps, footage from the W580 should be smooth, not...

Grade: A- Price: $348.00