Would you buy this unit or the older Sony X53?

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Maiya Marvin

These images are so cute! Thanks for the helpful article. I'll try it with my girls.

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Comparing to the SX270/280. I know they've up-graded the battery (by about 60mA - a fat lot of good it seems) Will it have the same battery issue when taking videos? This is what many people will be wondering and if the sales will be slow start...

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Chuck Parker

If you're wanting to freeze action with a quick shutter speed, go into the menu and choose the sports mode (a person running is the icon). This mode will shoot in faster shutter speeds than normal, but may cut down on your depth-of-field somewhat,...

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In proper lighting, this camera should be able to freeze the action pretty well. Plus it does have the continuous burst mode to take several pictures quickly.

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Does this camera have a quick shutter speed? I have young children that are always on the go and I want to be able to focus on them moving without the blurr. I also want to be able to hit the button back to back for multiple pictures seconds apart...

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Hello Rajkumar. Most point-and-shoot cameras like this are only designed to take short clips and will stop recording after about half an hour, that's not an issue with the memory card, the camera just isn't designed to process that much video. You...

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Hi Eileen! Do you have a smartphone or tablet? With the wi-fi, you can use a phone/tablet as a remote control, and the app (I believe it's called Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility) is free! Unfortunately, I believe all of the Nikon remotes are used fo...

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Hi Bonnie. The Canon SX280 is a nice compact with 20x zoom and can take pictures quickly, 14fps (http://www.digitalcamera-hq.com/products/canon-powershot-sx280-hs). That's currently our top pick for compact zooms, and it has the speed you need. If...

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It's a little different than a DSLR, but you can select an area of the composition to focus on using the LCD screen, I believe this option is in the shooting menu, under "AF Area Mode", select Manual, then you should be able to select a portion of...

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