Best Action Cameras Under $200


Action cameras are quickly becoming popular consumer cameras -- even for shooting things other than action. These wearable and mountable camcorders are small, often waterproof and easy to use. But, action cameras can also get pretty pricey. A 4K version for GoPro or Sony can easily cost $400 -- and do you really need 4K to mount a camera on your dog to see what he does while you're at work all day?

Budget action cameras offer the same portability and often the same durability, without a few of the frills. While it's tough to find a budget camera with a high resolution, regular 1080p HD is easy to find -- and many don't have the 4K screen to go with the 4K footage anyways. But it's very easy to waste money on a frusterating peice of equipment anytime the word "budget" is involved -- here are the best action cameras under $200 on the market right now.

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GoPro HERO (2018 model)

GoPro has long been a leader for action cameras -- the company's 2018 announcement isn't designed to lead the pack but to offer an affordable entry into the waterproof action cameras.Unlike the $499 GoPro HERO6, there's no 4K on GoPro&...

Grade: B+ Price: $249.00

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GoPro Hero Session

The leading action cam manufacturer is going big--with a tiny camera. GoPros have stuck with a similar exterior for several years, but the new GoPro Hero4 Session is completely different, with a cube-like design and a teensy, tiny weight of just 2...

Grade: B+ Price: $175.00

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Sony AS20

Sony's highly reputable action cam line has seen it's latest addition with the Sony HDR-AS20, a $200 1080p HD camcorder that packs in quite a few features for the price. Among the list of features is a battery that can record up to 150 min...

Grade: B Price: $100.00

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Panasonic HX-A100

The HX-A100 has our curiosity up with a unique design for the wearable/mountable camcorder category. The different design looks like this model will be easy to wear for action shots, plus it's waterproof, fairly rugged and weighs in at about a...

Grade: B+ Price: $125.00

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JVC GC-XA1 Adixxion

JVC's Adixxion is a mountable camcorder with everything included in the four ounce body, unlike the more popular GoPro that offfers an LCD screen and GPS only as an add on. Ready to go right out of the box without any extra casing, this camcor...

Grade: B Price: $135.00

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Polaroid Cube

We're not sure what we like more about Polaroid's new action camera--the size, or the price. Measuring less than an inch and a half, the Polaroid Cube only retails for $99, which makes it both attainable in price and size.The tiny action c...

Grade: B- Price: $119.00