Best 360 Cameras Under $500


360 is one of the biggest upcoming trends in video, and rightly so. 360 cameras capture a view of the entire scene, not just what's in front of the camera. But like every big tech trend, 360 cameras tend to be pretty expensive. They've started to trickle into mainstream comcorders, however, with several manufacturers listing cameras for less than $500, instead of the several thousand dollar high-end outfits. These budget 360 cameras won't get you cinema-quality video, but they're good enough for creating fun videos to share on Facebook and YouTube. Don't expect to see the best software or perfect video quality here yet, but expect to have some fun with a new perspective in video. Here are the best 360 cameras under $500 on the market right now.


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Yi 360 VR Camera

As a relatively new technology, 360 cameras are still pretty pricey, but budget brand Yi Technologies has a new option that lists for around $400. The Yi 360 VR is a 5.7K resolution 360 camera that uses 12 megapixel Sony-made sensors.The final sti...

Grade: B Price: $159.00

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Xaiomi Mi Sphere

Chinese tech company Xaiomi is jumping in on the 360 game. After first launching in international markets, the Xaiomi Mi Sphere is coming to the U.S. as an affordable, portable 360 camera.The Mi Sphere uses two 16 megapixel Sony-manufactured senso...

Grade: B- Price: $187.00

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The third 360 camera from Kodak takes a big step up with new dual lenses. While previous models used an ultra wide lens to capture a (not exactly) 360 perspective, the ORBIT360 uses dual lenses and dual sensors to shoot in 4K.The camera uses 20 me...

Grade: B- Price: $499.00

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Nikon KeyMission 360

Camera giant Nikon took everyone by surprise when they launched not just their first action camera, but their first 360 video camera — the Nikon KeyMission 360. Using two lenses and internal stitching software, the KeyMission 360 puts immers...

Grade: B- Price: $497.00

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360Fly 4k

The 360Fly 4K is a sphere-shaped 360 degree action camera, and while the tiny camera isn't designed for production-worthy video, it looks like a neat little action camera for capturing adventures with virtual reality.Don't let the name foo...

Grade: B- Price: $100.00

Samsung Gear 360

While 360 cameras are relatively new, at least from a consumer standpoint, the Samsung Gear 360 is a very highly anticipated VR camera. Unlike other options under $500, the Gear 360 uses a pair of lenses instead of a single lens for better quality...

Grade: A- Price: $380.00

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LG 360 Cam

New tech trends tend to be pretty pricey, but the LG 360 Cam is sitting pretty at just $200. Capturing a 360 view, the LG 360 Cam isn't the best 360 camera on the market, but it is the most affordable and has a set of specs good enough for man...

Grade: B- Price: $90.00

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Ricoh Theta S

The Ricoh Theta S is being touted as a digital camera, but since it's just as capable of shooting video (and there are few 360 options on the market) we've added it here as well as the original post on Digital Camera HQ. Here's our tho...

Grade: B- Price: $230.00