Online Retailers versus "Brick and Mortar" Storefronts

Buying a camcorder online is a smart decision. We'll tell you why.
By Admin, Last updated on: 11/30/2017

Whether you're a humble home movie maker or a dedicated documentary shooter, you will find that buying a camcorder online is incredibly simple! Reliable retailers, low prices, a great selection, and plenty of online owner reviews make it easier than ever to research, compare, and buy a camcorder with complete confidence.

In fact, buying a camcorder online makes much more sense than shopping at a camera or electronics store.

Skeptical? To convince you, we have answered some of the most common questions shoppers have about buying a camcorder online. You may be surprised by what you learn, and one thing is sure—you'll never think about buying from a camera store or major electronics chain again.

Will I Save Money Buying a Camcorder Online?

The retailers featured on Camcorder HQ offer the best prices to be found anywhere. Even when you add in the shipping cost, these retailers will still beat the prices offered at almost any electronics store. But don't take our word for it! Check the prices on Camcorder HQ and then compare them to your local electronics store—you'll be surprised at how much money you can save when you shop through us.

Is it Difficult to Return a Camcorder that I've Purchased Online?

While some online retailers can make it difficult to return a purchase, most reputable companies offer customer-friendly return and exchange policies. Though specific policies vary, many online retailers offer returns and/or exchanges on both working and defective merchandise.

A camcorder can be an expensive purchase, and you deserve peace of mind that you won't be stuck with an unsatisfactory or defective product—be sure to check a retailer's return policy before you buy a camera

What Happens if My Camcorder Breaks After the Return Period?

As long as you've bought your camcorder from an authorized online retailer, its warranty should cover repairs. If you buy from an unauthorized merchant, however, it is possible that your camcorder may not come with a U.S. warranty, in which case the manufacturer will refuse to make repairs.

Check a merchant's website, as well as its ratings and reviews, to see whether the products they sell are intended for sale in the USA and covered by the manufacturer's warranty. While products without US warranties are usually less expensive, you could be in trouble if something goes wrong with the camera after the retailer's return period expires.

Why Do You Give Instructions on How to Find the Lowest Price on a Retailer's Website?

Because of the complex relationship between camcorder manufacturers and retailers, stores are sometimes not allowed to display the price of a camcorder if it is below the manufacturer's minimum recommended price. When this is the case, the retailer will request that you submit your email, add the item to a shopping cart, or click on a link to see the actual cost.


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