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Canon VIXIA HF M50

Canon's M50 replaces the older M40, and offers some real improvements to entice potential upgraders. The headliner here is the new HD CMOS Pro, which supposedly offers 20% better low-light performance than the sensor found in the M40. Other up...

Grade: A- Price: $449.00

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Sony HDR-CX260V

Sony's CX line has long been a favorite, and we don't expect the CX260 to be any different. For around $550, the CX260 offers high quality 1920x1080 60p HD recording, 16 GB of flash memory, optical image stabilization, GPS and a nice back ...

Grade: B+ Price: $1,499.00

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JVC Everio GZ-E200

A $50 upgrade over the E10 base model, the E200 features the same 40x optical zoom range and 1.5 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, but adds a number of effects including face recognition and a larger, 3-inch touchscreen LCD. The biggest change is the...

Grade: B Price: $250.00

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JVC Everio GZ-VX700

The V500 and VX700 both feature larger sensors than JVC's cheaper E-series, and thus sport a less impressive 10x optical zoom. Still, the lens is a bright f1.8-2.8 and image quality from the 3.32 megapixel backlit CMOS chip used should be better a...

Grade: B+ Price: $185.00

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JVC Everio GZ-EX250

The EX-250 is exactly the same as the cheaper EX210, other than the inclusion of 16GB of internal flash memory. Key features include a 1.5 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, 40x optical zoom, 3-inch touchscreen LCD, and built-in WiFi. Video quality is...

Grade: B+ Price: $387.00

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JVC Everio GZ-EX210

A $50 upgrade over the E200 base model, the EX210 features the same 40x optical zoom range and 1.5 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor, but also includes built-in WiFi and a larger battery. If you need the wireless, or want to play with the latest gadge...

Grade: B Price: $70,925.00

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JVC Everio GZ-E10

A no-frills HD camcorder, the GZ-E10 offers the same 1.5 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor and 40x optical zoom as its more expensive siblings (the E200, EX210, and EX250). You don't get the GPS, WiFi, or face recognition features of these other model...

Grade: B Price: $365.00

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Sony HDR-XR160

The XR160 is one of Sony's entry-level high-def camcorders, and judging by last year's models, we think it'll be a great value for anyone who wants a solid HD shooter without a whole bunch of bells and whistles. It captures 1080i AVCHD...

Grade: C- Price: $50.00

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Kodak PlaySport Zx5

Kodak hasn't produced new camcorders in a few years, yet the Playsport Zx5 is still a popular option. Here's what we had to say about the Zx5 when it was first released:The Kodak Playsport Zx5 is the world's first truly rugged pocket c...

Grade: C Price: $290.00

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Panasonic HDC-TM900

The Panasonic TM900 is about as serious as a consumer camcorder gets. It's part of Panasonic's top-end 3MOS line, which uses three CMOS sensors for filming; one sensor is dedicated to each primary color, so the color reproduction is incredibly tru...

Grade: B+ Price: $1,899.00

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Panasonic SD80

Panasonic’s SD80 offers some ample specs in a small, reasonably priced package. It comes with 1080i/60fps AVCHD video, 3 megapixel stills, a ton of features, and easy-to-use controls. However, something’s got to give and in the SD80&rs...

Grade: B+ Price: $577.00

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Panasonic HCV700K 3D

The top-of-the-line 1MOS camcorders, the Panasonic’s HC-V700 and HC-V700M models, capture stunning indoor and nighttime shots, regardless of dark lighting conditions. Thanks to the High Sensitivity Sensor, which greatly improves image quality in ...

Grade: D+ Price: $99.00

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Panasonic X900MK

The HC-X900M camcorder, which can record 1920 x 1080, 60 progressive, and builds on the success of last year’s HDC-HS900 by adding the new 3MOS System Pro to help achieve dramatic increases in performance thanks to a re-engineering of all the core...

Grade: C+ Price: $100.00

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Flip UltraHD 8GB 3rd Generation

This latest (late 2010) Flip UltraHD is a modest but welcome upgrade from its predecessor. The new model features a redesigned sensor which shoots about 2 hours of 720p HD video at 60 frames per second (on this 8GB model) and captures richer color...

Grade: C- Price: $250.00

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Flip MinoHD 8GB - 3rd Generation

Here we have the Cisco Flip Video MinoHD 2010 (3rd Generation). It’s the latest update to the ever-popular Flip series and brings the pocket-cam originator back into the game, finally catching up to the handful of small shooters that surpass...

Grade: D- Price: $185.00

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Kodak PlaySport Zx3

I’ll admit that I really wanted to like this camera. As an independent digital filmmaker, I had not had the opportunity to do an underwater shoot until I received the Kodak PlaySport Zx3 for review. I had to really wrestle with the grade on ...

Grade: C+ Price: $214.00

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Pure Digital Flip UltraHD

The Pure Digital Flip UltraHD is very likely the last one of its kind. It represents the final permutation of the basic Flip design; that, coupled with Pure Digital's acquisition by Cisco, signals that the next incarnation of the Flip, a 2nd g...

Grade: D Price: $345.00